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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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so pg&e crews can replace the telephone pole that was sheared off at the bottom there and restore power to 148 homes. the highway patrol says the truck driver, 29-year-old ulysses gonzalez of san jose, told them that the engine brake failed as his truck hauling dirt downhill on torino drive began picking up speed this afternoon. >> it sounded like a freight train coming down the hill. a lot of rattling and banging and a roar. and i looked up and i saw the truck go through the intersection and ran right through the house. >> reporter: there's no suspicion that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident. >> when we showed up the driver was already out of the truck. he had some major -- moderate to major injuries, he was transported but does not appear to be life threatening. >> reporter: two years ago an suv plowed into a house on windy drive, an unincorporated part of
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san mateo county where big trucks ride through the winding streets. >> they come through here and they use this as an artery to get to wherever they have to go. easy to cut through for them. >> reporter: the accident sheared a power pole. crews will work through the night to restore power perhaps by noon tomorrow. pg&e says one of these lines is still hot. that's why they're not allowing people back into this area. they've kept this area off. it might push back the time when they can begin pulling out this truck because the huge tow truck that's going to pull that big rig out, it just pulled up here on torino drive. reporting live in san mateo county, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. some other breaking news to tell you about in sunnyvale. a preschool is on lockdown because of some kind of haz-mat situation. it's happening at the appleseed school on dunford way.
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someone dumped buckets into a dumpster then smoke started billowing out. hundreds of students are sheltering in place until firefighters can figure out what that substance is and if it's dangerous. several streets are blocked off. we have news crews gathering information. as soon as we know something new, we'll bring it to you immediately. breaking news out of half moon bay. crews are searching for someone who was reportedly swept away by tides. it happened this afternoon just before 2:00. this is what we've learned. witnesses have told us that a beach goer went underwater then didn't surface. the person is described as someone only wearing board shorts. we have new details on the story we first broke. today a key move by santa clara county prosecutors in their case against jail computes. they're accused of beating an inmate to death. robert handa joins us from san jose this evening. another big day in court. what happened? >> reporter: well, raj, today was a pretty big day in court.
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it was basically our first look at the three accused deputies since they were arrested and charged with murder. and it was also our first look at some of the compelling evidence. the three correctional deputies, jereh lubrin, matthew ferris and rafael rodriguez sat quietly in court dressed in suits. lubrin closest to the camera looked the most different since the arrest. the district attorney's office has two goals in this preliminary exam, to prove there's enough evidence to try the deputies for the murder of michael tyree and second, assault under authority on another mental inmate. today was the first time tyree's family would see the crime scene pictures when his body was found lying outside his cell. >> it's horrible for the family. it's so painful. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: the first witness was sheriff sergeant mark carrosco who testified that
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lubrin and ferris returned to the cell block during a clothing exchange program. the sergeant said rodriguez entered ten minutes later. all three left 21 minutes later. sergeant carrosco said no other deputies were there. the jail log and surveillance backed up that timetable frm the only people that could have perpetrated the harm, could have committed the crime, could have, you know, hurt michael tyree were those three deputies. >> we'll have more coming up tonight at 6:00 and 11:00. a big win for apple. a new york judge today ruled the justice department cannot force the tech company to unlock an iphone in a drug case in new york. today's case could have major implications in apple's high profile fight with the feds over access to one of the san bernardino shooters. a judge has ordered apple to create a back door that would allow the fbi to hack into that iphone. apple says it would weaken the security of all its devices and
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compromise privacy for the company. tomorrow apple's attorney is set to testify at a congressional hearing. apple is pushing congress to make a decision on that order, not the court. gunned down on a bike path. tonight a 14-year-old boy is dead, killed just behind a middle school in richmond this morning. the question is why. and by who. tonight police are searching for the boy's killer. marianne favro joins us with details on the investigation and what heartbreaking turn of events for that family, marianne. >> reporter: well, please are still looking for the gunman tonight. frankly, they don't have a lot to go on. witnesses say after they heard gun shots ring out, they saw a male suspect running away. the father of a 14-year-old victim came to see where he says his son, xavier mclen na han died. >> reporter: he was shot several times on this bike path that runs just behind the middle
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school in richmond. xavier's father told us his son was a good kid. xavier's aunt broke down when she learned her nephew had been killed. >> keep your kids close to you. know where they are at at all times. >> reporter: because the shooting took place behind the middle school, administrators briefly placed the campus on lockdown while police searched for the gunman. >> around 7:30 this morning we had a report of shots fired. neighbors called and said they heard numerous shots, saw a suspect running in the area. when we arrived we found our victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds here on the greenway, the bike path. >> reporter: xavier's friends tell us he went to nearby kennedy high school but officers have yet to confirm that. they're still in disbelief that xavier won't be here to celebrate his 15th birthday in may. richmond police say community and clergy members now plan to reach out to people in the
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neighborhood urging them not to retaliate because of this crime. reporting live in richmond, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. want to show you new video tonight of a scuffle at a donald trump rally in virginia. this is between a photographer for "time" magazine and a secret service agent. you see the camera moving around there. as the photographer gets put in a chokehold, then slammed to the ground. christopher morris is his name. he said it happened after he stepped out of the area designated for the media. another shows morris swearing at the secret service agent before he was slammed. this was all during a rally that was interrupted from protesters from black lives matter. you will hear it once. all lives matter. >> and that was donald trump's response to dozens of those protesters. they're calling the republican front-runner a racist for refusing to initially condemn the kkk.
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trump eventually did disavow support from the kkk. now, we're on the eve of super-tuesday, this is the pivotal point of the presidential race. virginia is among the 13 states voting tomorrow. here in california, our primary is june 7th. but tomorrow, 13 states on the map and the candidates are crisscrossing across the country. on the republican side, trump leads polls in nearly every super-tuesday state except for texas. texas senator ted cruz is leading in the polls there, but mr. trump is looking forward to a big finish. >> believe it or not, we're going to unify this country. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton expected to win almost all of the states tomorrow. >> what we can't let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the fingerpointing that is going on on the republican side. >> senator bernie sanders is putting up a tough fight calling again for clinton to release transcripts of speeches she gave to wall street.
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next on "nightly news," can they stop donald trump? leaders within the republican party holding their breath ahead of super-tuesday, lester holt joins us at 5:30. playing for a college team is certainly a dream come true for many young athletes. but the same characteristics that make a star player can also fuel a serious illness. vicky nguyen joins us with what she found. really, this is happening at schools statewide. >> reporter: you may think concussions are the biggest health issues facing student athletes but the students and medical experts we talk with say it's mental health. eating disorders rank high on the list. student athletes are special at risk of developing bone fractures and organ failures associated with eating disorders, but it's a health issue that's receiving little to no attention on some campuses. we reviewed medical history forms and questionnaires to see how schools throughout california screen for students
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at risk. >> this is the highest mortality rate this is not a joke. >> still a whole lot of shame and stigma associated with eating disorders. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, we investigate how some coaches are making this problem worse and why some schools say they don't track this issue at all. >> really looking forward to seeing that. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, especially vicky, call us at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail. ♪ till it happens to you you won't know how i feel ♪ >> it's being called the most powerful moment of the oscars. tonight the message is hitting home with students at uc berkeley. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report coming up. a google self-driving car was involved in a minor accident in mountainview. i'm michelle roberts.
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coming up, hear why google is accepting just some of the responsibility. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking a few isolated drops throughout the north bay but a much better chance of rain. i'll let you know in my forecast. so who's to blame when a self d-
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who is to blame when a self-driving car gets into a crash? for the first time google is taking some responsibility. this stems from a crash earlier this month in mountainview, not far from google headquarters. michelle roberts is in downtown mountain view where that crash happened. who is at fault here and what's google's response? >> reporter: well, google is taking some responsibility, c l calling it a misunderstanding. it happened here at a very busy intersection. the google car was trying to navigate a hazard in the road, it hit a bus and now they're investigating. people who live and work in mountain view see them all the time. >> they're really very cute. my kids love watching them. >> reporter: according to google self-driving cars circle public streets in autonomous mode an average 13,000 miles a week. a newly published reportp said on valentine's day a self-driving car crashed into a bus. according to the accident report, the google car came to a stop to avoid sandbags in a
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storm drain in the right lane, then signaled to enter into the left lane before crashing into a bus. the bus was going 15 miles per hour at the time and there were no injuries reported. today google released a statement saying in part, our test driver believed the bus was going to slow or stop to allow us to merge into the traffic. and that there would be sufficient space to do that. it went on to say that this type of misunderstanding happens between human drivers on the road every day. >> doesn't look as though the driver actually did take control when he should have. >> this consumer watchdog is calling for stricter regulations on the self-driving car industry. >> people need to understand what went wrong when it goes wrong and what we can do about it. and having all that data available is absolutely essential and imperative. >> reporter: today many people in mountain view welcome self-driving cars as long as the human driver or vehicle owner is held responsible. >> as long as somebody's held
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responsible, same as any other car. >> according to google, this is the 18th accident involving a self-driving car. and all those previous accidents the other car was at fault. vta is currently investigating this crash. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. the driver who plowed an suv into a south bay home is still on the run tonight. that is the smashed front of the san jose house. now, the sheriff deputies say they saw the driver of a red suv run a traffic signal, and when they ordered the driver to pull over, the driver hit the gas instead, then hit the house, then took off running. the home is on park avenue at race street. no one inside the home was hurt. authorities did evacuate the home because the crash sheared off the gas meter. it's being called the most moving moment of last night's oscars. lady gaga's performance of "till it happens to you," with a stage full of campus sex assault
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victims, it brought many to tears. jodi hernandez is live at berkeley. it is a campus that's been grappling with that issue for a few years now. >> reporter: it certainly has. there have been four reported sexual assault cases in just the last several weeks, jessica. and for many students here last night's performance is really hitting home. >> psychologically, mentally, physically, eemotionally, academically. >> reporter: stephanie garcia said she's been impacted in every way since being sexually assaulted by another student in the dorms last year. >> we need to put a stop to it. break the silence. >> you can change the culture. >> reporter: last night vice president joe biden and performer lady gaga added their voices to the fight against what many call an epidemic. surrounded by victims of sexual assault, lady gaga sang "till it happens to you," a performance that brought the audience to
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tears. >> it's only shedding light on how big the epidemic is. >> reporter: u krrngs berkeley has seen its share of sexual assaults. police say just this month three women were assaulted near campus. the suspect still has not been caught. another woman was reportedly assaulted at a fraternity. >> it makes me feel very unsafe. >> reporter: this is the co-chair of cal student's sexual assault commission. she said the university has made recent strides to tackle the problem, like hairiiring confidential care advocates to work with victim. >> a lot of it's red tape, a lot is bureaucracy. >> reporter: students hope last night's performance will lead to more changes and take the issue of sexual assault out of this shadows once and for all. students hope more victims will come forward and realize they have nothing to be ashamed of. reporting live at uc berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. a powerful moment. move over ellen. here comes leo nardo dicaprio. his big win at the oscars was the most tweeted moment at an oscar telecass ever. his best actor win for "the revenant" generated 4,000 tweets per minute. the previous record was that star-studded selfie taken last year by ellen degeneres. just last night leo dicaprio even made like a weather reference in his acceptance speech talking about climate change. you must have been happy about that. >> he's definitely in tune with what's happening. and there's obviously a lot of opinions about that. we do have some big changes coming our way over the next seven days, the chance of some rainfall. 73 across the south bay, east pay 68, for the north bay currently 69 degrees. tomorrow morning's forecast, there's no rainfall expected to
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move our way. we'll have a dry commute to start, a mix of sun and clouds. we'll start with 49 in the south bay, east bay at 44 and for san francisco, 53 degrees. the biggest problem we have had all of february has been the lack of rainfall. check this out. just 11% of average in santa rosa, oakland also at 11% of average. but our fortune, it looks like, is about to change with some wet weather that looks pretty good to happen. so let's get a look at when we expect rain to return. tomorrow night we may see spotty showers up in marin, and napa counties. but the scattered rainfall that may accumulate 0.10 to a quarter inch, but we're holding out for the heaviest chance by saturday evening as our storm system approaches. the hever why pockets with the heaviest expected as we head through sunday's forecast. as we continue to get closer to that storm we'll fine tune
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everything for you. but it looks like we're going to be good enough especially with that weekend rain to see totals that mirror something like this. you'll see here widespread for the bay area, 1 1/2 to maybe 2 1/2 inches possibly for the north bay around santa rosa and napa we could be at 2 1/2 plus inches. more in the coming days, but this weekend does look wet. as we get a look at the micro climate forecast. 70 in the mission, 67 in the marina. for the peninsula, 72 in palo alto, and up towards san jose 74 degrees. north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, the best chance of any kind of spotty rainfall tomorrow would be napa, also santa rosa. otherwise dry conditions partly cloudy skies in oakland at 73. and for the try valley a mild 77 expected in pleasanton. a chance of scattered rain returning on thursday, the heavier chance of rain by saturday evening into sunday.
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when that storm system arrives this weekend, check out the snow. it will stack up not in feet but we're good for 4 to 7 inches this sunday. we'll have more coming up at 6:00 p.m., you guys. we'll see you then, jeff. straight ahead, three is a crowd, but how do you feel about 17? those are puppies. one local farm gets a surprise of a lifetime. yvale. a
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pr happening now, we're following the breaking news in sunnyvale. a preschool is on lockdown because of a haz-mat square. we're posting results on on our app, the story of donald trump going after a
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california federal judge for ruling against him in the trump university lawsuit. back in a moment. santa ros we have some breaking news in se
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searching for a missing 11 year. following some breaking news in the north bay and santa rosa. police are searching for a missing 11-year-old boy. his name is matthew bascom. this is a picture of him. he left school at 12:30 this
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afternoon and hasn't been seen since. he was last seen wearing a blue shirt, dark jeans and glasses. he also wears an external hearing aid and may be carrying a black backpack. if you see him, you're urged to call santa rosa police. lgbt flyers at two san francisco stations. post at the castro and the church station. they're a bit hard to make out because someone already tried to rip them down. it shows some anti-lgbt messages and a reference to a bible verse. at the point no word on who is behind the flyers. we have a notable name change. beginning at midnight yosemite is still yosemite but a lot of landmarks inside the park are changing. this saul part of a bitter legal fight over names. the park's previous vendor claims it has trademark ownership of the hotel and other locations. the vendor's contract expires at
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midnight. about six hours from now, employees will now cover existing road signs with temporary signs that don't use the iconic names until this lawsuit has been resolved. going to be a little confusing. it's being called a record. the puppy litter you have to see to believe. sunnyvale...
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tonight at 6:00, we're following that breaking news in sunnyvale. there's a haz-mat scare at a preschool. this is at appleseed montessori school. these pictures just into our newsroom. parents are now being allowed to pick up their children on the east side of campus. you can see the police presence there. no word yet on what caused this haz-mat scare. we do have a crew on the scene. we'll have the latest coming up at 6:00 right after "nightly news." so this is a puppy. it's a girl. >> and she is one of 17 sheep dog puppies born on a napa farm. look how cute they are. not quite 101 dalmatians but it is a california record for the largest litter.
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the mama is doing great. these are not house pets. it's a working breed from italy. and the dogs protect the ranch's livestock. tonight, the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus tensions boil over at trump's rally. tonight, some republican leaders alarmed, scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out cos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand. an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to get more rest. and hollywood rocked as controversy takes center stage at the oscars. "nightly news" begins right now.